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Orpheus Capital Revolutionizes African Mining Project Finance and Unveils Cutting-Edge Personalized Securitization Solutions

Orpheus Capital, a leading innovator in financial facilitation, is reshaping the landscape of African mining project finance with its groundbreaking and comprehensive approach. Focused on bridging the connection between mining projects in Africa and secured investors, Orpheus Capital excels in leveraging the robust Swiss infrastructure to seamlessly facilitate client investment options.

Seamless Investment Options:

In a market often challenged by the disconnect between mining projects and secured investors, Orpheus Capital stands out by offering a range of investment options. Investors can choose to invest in actively managed certificates, credit-linked loans, or trackers linked to the underlying project, providing unprecedented flexibility.

Unique Solutions and Streamlined Processes:

Orpheus Capital’s solution stands apart with its elegance in enabling investors to enter the financial project seamlessly. The option to invest in a liquid cash portfolio mitigates the cash drag typically associated with project implementation, a crucial advantage for projects with extended timelines or requiring finance costs to be spread over time. Orpheus Capital crafts unique solutions tailored to clients, with a focus on ring-fencing collateral tied to the mining project.

Enablement and Facilitation:

Beyond traditional banking, Orpheus Capital pioneers in enablement and facilitation. The use of Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) becomes a powerful vehicle, managing portfolios actively. Whether investing in cash for a physical mining project, liquid strategies, private equity, or infrastructure, AMCs allow the holding of non-bankable assets.

Mass-Customized Portfolio Management:

Orpheus Capital introduces mass-customized portfolio management, providing clients with personalized securitization solutions. This evolution extends beyond AMCs to involve multiple issuers, allowing diverse payoff structures. The next generation of Portfolio Management includes segregated mandates with limited exposure to various issuers, providing flexibility and cost control.

Regulatory Compliance and Unrestricted Portfolios:

AMCs, being regulated through paying agents under securities regulation, offer regulatory compliance and result in an unrestricted portfolio. This innovative approach to Asset Management is not just about technology facilitating liquid strategy spaces but about balancing technology with the discretionary skills of Asset Managers to manage costs effectively.

Tax-Advantageous Opportunities:

A key highlight is the tax advantage associated with Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) issued by foreign entities. The locally applicable taxes on these AMCs currently stand at a rate of 0%. Capital gains tax, contingent upon the Investor’s prolonged intention, may be activated solely upon the disposal of the AMC. Trusts in possession of the AMC can yield favorable outcomes for Investors, given the separate taxation distinct from the trust. South African investors benefit from the mitigation of risk associated with a foreign-issued and controlled AMC, thanks to the South African hybrid tax and Controlled Foreign Company rules.

Personalized Securitization Revolution:

Orpheus Capital invites Asset Administrators to be part of the Personalized Securitization Revolution, allowing them to navigate asset administration without traditional bank credit risks.

Orpheus Capital provides the capability to help clients understand their problems, providing a holistic and forward-thinking approach to African mining project finance.