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Revolutionizing the Investment Landscape: Orpheus Introduces IVM AI-Powered Structured Product Design and Optimization Plugin

We’re thrilled to announce that Orpheus has taken a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise the investment landscape. We’ve added the cutting-edge IVM AI-powered structured product design and optimisation plugin to the Orpheus AMC platform.

Our shared vision with IVM AI is to tackle a critical issue in the structured products investment world – the potential $900 billion in missed returns due to the continuous re-trading of sub-optimal structured products without optimising the thematic baskets and products to changing markets. We all believe it’s time to put these missed earnings back into the pockets of investors.

By empowering investors to independently manage their portfolios operationally via actively managed certificates and financially via IVM AI-powered structured product optimisation, we aim to reduce the dependency on large banks.

With every investment, there’s always a more optimal combination of baskets/products. By leveraging the IVM-AI plugin, the clients of the Orpheus platform could boost their coupons by 25% to 70%. Furthermore, they could reduce their bear market principal loss potential from 30-50% to a more manageable 0-16%.

At Orpheus, we’re committed to driving innovation and delivering value to our investors. We’re excited about this new chapter with the IVM AI plugin and look forward to seeing its positive impact on our investors’ portfolios.

DEMO IVM here:

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